G2 Ventures

Success is a matter of constant growth.


Some of the companies we are proud
investors in.

Fuzen Entertainment

Fuzen is one of New Zealand's most respected and long-running event promotions companies.

The Ticket Fairy

The Ticket Fairy® is here to change how you attend clubs, gigs and festivals forever.

Exchange Core

A New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange trading in Metal (MTL) & Ethereum (ETH) pairs.


Get inside the music videos using extended reality, photorealistic avatars, motion capture and volumetric data.


A cryptocurrency which allows you to transfer money instantly around the globe with nothing more than a phone number.

Sidechain Studio

Melbourne-based design and innovation studio experimenting with digital technology.


Our investments always align with
those areas in which we are passionate.

  • Automation
  • Big Data
  • Blockchain
  • Entertainment
  • Fintech
  • Machine Learning
  • Media
  • Supply Chain


We are a private venture capital firm based in New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand

Brent Grey

Managing Director

Paul Grey